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Belynda, Goddes of Nature

  Creator of nature and of animals Belynda has much power. Mostly Druids and rangers worship her so she has few clerics. Belynda usually takes on the form of an elven maiden and appears shy. She is always trying to right wrongs in the forest and destroy evil creatures that wreck havoc. Though even the death of an evil creature pains her because all life is important.
  She is a genorous god to her followers and any who are devoted to her get these bonuses:
            +2 to all reactions with any kind of creature
            The ability to become like the spell tree once per day.

*Rangers don't recieve these abilities until 8th level, Druids at 2nd level.

  I had said before that she had very few clerics. If you become a cleric of  Belynda you have acces to all the spells a Druid does. The granted powers of a cleric differ from that of a devoted ranger or druid.
    Upon reaching 2nd they gain the ability of animal friendship as the spell.
      3rd Tree, as the spell twice a week   
      5th Call Lightning Twice per week
      12th Summon elemental(any)12 HD once per month

    She has a main avatar named Karot, he is a gold dragon and showed much intrest as a dragon in her. Needing an avatar she pomoted him to that high  rank.
    S 19  D 22 W 20 I 17 Con 18 Cha 20
He has the abilities of a young adult gold dragon plus, regeneration at 6 hit points a round, Invisibility at will, summon forest creatures, Polymorph, and Lighting(12d6) All these abilities are at will.
  For clerics any kind of weapon is allowed except blunt weapons.

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