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       Upon this page lies all the odds and ends of Alloryia. Here you can find legends, and new classes. Also little things that just aren't big enough to make there own category. This page is divided up into new items and weapons unique to Hyrule, and then there are links to the pages containing the rest of the information.

Below are weapons and items unique to Hyrule.

 Name                 Rarity                   Price                  Use                    Weight             Damage*
Drascarnion spear  Very rare except in the North 50 Gold pieces Double Bladed hunting spear. 13 pounds S/M      Large 
1d8+2 / 1d12+2   
Middle Sword Common, most commoners own one. 
5 gold pieces Weapon, for show. Smaller than a short sword 3 pounds S/M     Large 
1d4   /   1d6
Siduo Sword Uncommon in the east, hard to get one with out sailing half way around the continent. 80 gold pieces. The hilt covers your knuckles .The sword itself has to blades. It is more of a stabbing weapon though. 7 pounds S/M  Large 
1d6 / 1d12 
(It is harder to hit a smaller creature hence less damage.)
Ceriphlus Bow Rare. It can only be made by a master bower & fletcher. 300-500 gold pieces. The bow gets it name from it's silence. An arrow from it is like an angel in flight. It is very ornate. 15 pounds Ceriphlus arrow 
S/M      Large 
1d8+1/ 1d8+1 
The arrow makes no noise in flight.
Healers Bag arrow 
S/M      Large 
1d8+1/ 1d8+1 
The arrow makes no noise in flight.
sold at a  local Hypothrcry.
8 silver pieces. For infections & sickness. It is mixed with water and will restore 1d4 hit points extra with rest. Less than a pound.  N/A
Glass worker tools Common. BlowPipe(5gp), Shaping Tools(10gp), Coloring(30gp) a block  Tools of the trade Between 10-30 pounds. N/A
Thren's Heater An item common to the dwarves of the north, else were it is very rare. 5 gold pieces/ a bag Used to increase  the heat of a fire; it was discovered by Thren. It can almost double the heat of a fire. One bag last for about 5 minutes. The Heater is a mineral, a lump of it weighs close to 5 pounds.  N/A
Dwarven Diving suit Can only be bought in the towns surrounding the Brass Bay. 8,000-12,000 Gold pieces The suit looks like a bulky version of our deep diving suits. It has tubes running up to the surface for air. 80 pounds. A special pulley system has been designed to pull the miners up. N/A


 My House Rules

   Mages and Wizards are very weak to start off with compared to the other classes. This has long ben known. Many people have different ways to counter this, some might give more hit points, but I like to let them have one more first level spell to cast per day. I find this helps to even things out.
   Another thing, clerics  instead of having to learn them all they have to do is cast them(by prayer).
For instance a comrad gets injured to cast cure light wounds thhe cleric has to pray for it right then and there and it is cast. They are allowed the totalgiven in the Phb plus there wisdom adjusment as usual.
   Also I don't use this myself but read it and mail me at what you think about it. I always find it when playing with many people (especially online) that combat moves very slow. I think it might be better for the DM to roll up a bunch of Thac0 rolls, and just say if you hit or miss, and then you'd roll damage. I think it would work nicely, so please send what you think.

I don't have many house rules in fact  I only have those two, so that's it for the house rules.

New Proficiencies
Biology 2 Cleric Inteligence- -2
Detect Trickery Cleric,  Socerer Wisdom -2
Illusion 2 Thief Dexterity (- the modifier the DM decides on)
Language 4 Cleric, Mage Intelligence -3
Glass Smith 3 General Dexterity -2
Runes 1 Socerer, Mage Inteligence -2
Biology- With this proficiency you learn the basics of Biology: Classification, reactions, diet, etc. You also gain some knowledge of plants. This adds +1 to healing proficiency when dealing with plants. This is only for normal animals. After studying any creature (Including Dragons, Griffins, etc. Remember they only have an understanding of animals near them. A man in the cold north would not know of a Boa in the south for example) for a week, the P.C. makes a check. If they pass they have a good understanding of the creature. Otherwise they need to study it more. Add +2 reaction adj. with animals (Ones they have studied and natural)

Detect Trickery-  Listening carefully a Cleric or a Socerer can tell if someone is lying. They can see them breathing faster and are generally more in tune with the person. If succesful check is made, they can see that the person is lying about something. What can not always be easily dtermined.

Illusion-We've all seen magicians and illusionists. We know what they do isn't 'magic' but slight of hand and optical effects. This proficiency gives a character that exact ability. They can make cards disappear or a the old pull a coin out of some ones ear. These illusions have no modifier. Making a dove disappear does (-2) the Dm decides what the modifier is. Characters with this gain +1 to detect an optical illusion or other natural illusion.

Glass Smith- With this proficiency you gain the ability to create glassware; plates, cups, art, etc. You do need to have a smith and the proper equipment. You need a blowpipe, glass, coloring and a cooling bin. It is not a cheap thing to do. It takes many years to become a master Gaffer( A gaffer is a glass maker) and two proficiency slots extra spent on Glass Smithing but the works there capable of become marvelous.

Language- I once heard a story of a man who was challenged by a king to learn a language that only a few hundred people knew, and they lived in a small village far away. The King said Hello! How are you in the language, and the man was sent to his room by dinner time that night he spoke the language fluently. This proficiency gives your Character that ability. He must hear a few words of the language and in 24 hours with a check he can speak it well enough.

Runes- Runes are symbols of power to learn what they mean determines a good deal of study. A socerer especially must learn them for they can ward against creatures that woud kill him. Sometimes they a written as traps, explodig when triggered. Withthis proficiency, what the runes are for can be determined on a succesful check. Also if a socerer has this they may reroll checks for making warding circles.

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*All items on this page are created by me Chris Astefanous( They may be used with my permission as long as no money is made and I am acknowledged as the creator.