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Greater Dieties

[- - Ewythel & Anines, Twin Gods of Magic (Son and Daughter of Creation)-Ghi-dorn-ra, Dragon God of Nature (Wife of Belynda)
 - Syvanth, Goddess of Vainity and Beauty(Sister of Tyrin) - Dwenmenom, Goddess of Knowledge(Wife of Tyrin)- Jyem, Deceitful God of Trickery and thieves (Brother of Tyrin, Zyen's Wife)- Cyst, God of Death (Brother of Jyem, Half Brother of Tyrin)]

Belynda, Goddess of Nature
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Status: Greater Diety of Nature
    Enemies: Any God who would threaten the Forest
    Dogma: The only true law is the law of Nature
    Head of Church: Supreme Cultivator Eve of Sythya
    Symbol: A Rosebud on a green background.

     Belynda is the goddess of nature, she revels in the wildness of nature enjoying the random flow of the river and the wild winds of the forest. She favors those who do random things, as long there in accordance with the laws of nature. Belynda has a strong hatred for evil and often sends her followers to destroy evil.
   Belynda hardly gets in the affairs of mortals, so for the most part she only seeks out the evil other gods put on Cyros. When she appears to Mortals Belynda is a human woman, in a long flowing dress made of silk and embrodiered with rose petals, often she has an entourage of fairies and faire dragons with her.

History:     A long long time ago there was a Druidess by the name of Belynda. She tended to all the plants and animals as if they were her own children. Her love for nature was so strong that she drew upon her  the Great Gaurdian of Nature Ghidornra's favor. When Belynda met her death at the hands of a tribe of Trolls the great Gaurdian raised her up and gave her the mantel of divinity.
                Belynda doesn't have much of a history with the world of mortals. She is often depicted as a timekeeper far away. Her followers believe that she touches her lives every day howevers, there belief goes so far as to say she is the driving force behind nature. Belynda is responsible for the unique creatures of Cyros. Often it she makes new thigns out of boredom. New creatures are often migrate from the unexplored areas into the Sytthya (Syth-ya) forest.

Temples of Belynda : Belynda and Ghi-dorn-ra share temples. One who worships Belynda also worships Ghi-dorn-ra. There temples are located outside of most major cities, and range from being a small shrine adorned with roses to large arboretums filled witha  minature forest. Special days of celebration are harvest days, equinoxes, planting days, and any otehr day the epoeple see fit to honor nature.

Avatar: Her avatar is a Huge Golden Dragon. Belynda rarely sends her avatar to out beyond the Palace of the Gods. Not much is known about this Avatar, so not much can be said.

Orders:    Now with the power of a god at her disposal Belynda set out to protect and nurish the forests. She quickly found that a god could run out of a power...In her weakness she choose a druidess by the name of Kailana to start an order dedicated to Belynda. Kailana obeyed and the Order of the Budding Rose was created. To this day this order of Druids and Clerics tend to all the land's forests, jungles, streams and mountains. A direct descendant of Kailana is now head of the order, her name is also Kailana.

Granted Powers: Clerics and Druids of Belynda's faith gain certain powers as they advance in levels and faith. Belynda grants the ability of of animal empathy, being able to sense creatures thoughts and send them thoughts. This only works with natural animals. At 2nd level she grants the ability to Detect Animals up to 150ft away ( Adds +1 to tracking, and hunting checks). It is rumored that some of her higher clerics can change shape....but that is so far a rumor.
        Belynda does not grant her followers the ability to turn undead because its not in her sphere of influence.

Weapons Allowed: Any Bludgeoning weapon & all weapons Druids can use.

Allowed Spheres: Weather, Plant, Elemental, Creation, Charm, Healing, Minor Acces to Divination, All

Tyrin, God of Justice and Creation
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Status: Greater Diety of Justice and Creation
    Enemies: Jyem and Cyst
    Dogma: Justice brings peace
    Head of Church: Gregory the Just, Cleric
    Symbol: A golden sword on top of a silver scale

   Tyrin is reconised as King of the Gods though no god really has full dominance over another god. Tyrin was the first son of Creation. Creation is the powerful entity behind it all, it set things in motion that created the World of Alloryia. Tyrin is responsible for creating much of Alloryia, he made himself god of justice because it is only fitting for the one who created the world to judge it.
   Tyrin carries the hammer of Kron's twin. He himself is often adorned in shining white plate mail, and he wears no helm. Tyrin is seen with long dark brown hair and gentle green eyes.

History:     After finishing the last touches of the world, Tyrin created magic. The first magic was controled by an artifact named Tyrin's gem. This artifact controled magic, it opened the gate into the nexus. The nexus is the plane were all magicalenergy resides. This gem drew that energy into our world. Tyrin was happy with his work and gave magic to the Druids. The Druids learned all the secrets of magic, often praising Tyrin for his work.
                On the 100th aniversary of the creation of the gem it was stolen. Jyem the God of the thieves stole the gem and fleed. The only reason gemis alive today is becasue he still has the gem.
With the gem gone magic ended...until one day elves tapped into the powers on his own. The age of wizards started. The Gods learned how to draw on the magic power through the same means as these elves. A new magic was created, divine magic that comes  to us through clerical spells.
                Tyrin is known for many other deeds. Among them the slaying of one of the 10 (now 9) lords of the hells. Often he favors brave paladinswho do his work. His gifts are often unseen but they are many.

Avatar:  Tyrin 's avatar is an ArchAngel by the name of Hesaha (E sa a ). This angel commands the host of Tyrin's army of angels. He is often seen by those about to go to war. Those who see this angel often return victorious.

Orders:   The Clerics of Tyrin are a small group who have banded together to further Tyrin's dogma of Justice. Tyrin has few followers, in all ofCyros they number only about 10,000. Often armies band together in Tyrin's name though after there purpose is doen they disband.

Temple of Tyrin: Tyrin has his central  temple located outside the city of Thynwir. There are shrines along the roads of Cyros but there are no other temples. Tyrin has few holy days, he expects his followers to do good rather then constantly praising him. His holy days are on the New Years day, along with the begining of each season.

Granted Powers: Clerics gain the an aura of holiness; -1 to all evil attack rolls against them and +1 to saves vs. attacks by evil creatures/characters. Clerics also have the ability to turn undead. Paladins gain no special bonus on top of the ones they normaly get though they hold a special spot in Tyrin's heart.

Weapons Allowed: Any

Allowed Spheres: All