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             The Sorcerer
         Strength 12
         Inteligence 13
         Wisdom 11
Prime Requisette: Wisdom (16 or higher gains +10% xp)
HD: 1d6 per level
Thaco: Same as a Mage

            Just the very word socerer brings a wave of thoughts and images inot your mind. Some of them horrify people while others intrigue you.  Socerers are usually remembered as evil, and unholy. This is usuall the case, though there are those who are Socerers for knowledge ofother dimensions, other creatures; things no man has seen before.
            Sorcerer's are more adept in hand to hand combat though, it's not a skill they pride themselves on. Early on spell for spell normal mages outmatch a  Socerer. Though in the higher levels Socerers spells larjle to reckoned with. Sorcerers count as Specialist wizards in that they gain a +15 % to learn Sorcerer spells and a a -15% to learn any other kind of spell. There is only a -5% when learning necromantic, and conjuration spells. A Sorcerer opposition school is the same as a conjurer.
  Sorcerers are by nature inquisitive and hungry for power and knowledge.
The sorcerer can take proficiency's from rouge/mage/general. A sorcerer may no be multi-class, but as a human they may be dual-class. Usually they are first cleric of evil then feeling a larger calling they become the sorcerer.
   The thing that makes them special is there ability for summoning, no other class can summon as well as a sorcerer. Even though mages have eventually imited power to summon in the end the sorcerer will be the superior.
   The socerer must have a cleared area for his summoning. The proper spells must be cast to protect himself and a pentegram drawn for the creature to be summoned. At first level the pentegram has a 10% chance of working. This goes up 5% per level. For everyday spent on checking the pentegram and surounding runes add another 5%. Summoning is very time consuming and dangerous. During the time that the creature is summoned absolute concen-tration must be kept. If disturbed the DM must estimate how bad it is androll the percentile. Even the littlest thing draws a 5% chance that control is lost. The creature will then remain inside the pentegram until the casterhas regained control. With smaller creatures it is as simple as a spell, though demons and the such, there name must be known.
  The sorcerer may only use daggers, dart, staves, and short swords. The sorcerer is rather limited in the lower levels but as it progresses he becomes a most dangerous opponent. Once a socerer has taken residence in an area he devastates the ecology. Rangers no matter what try to stop
these evil people.  After reaching 9th level the sorcerer gains followers.
They can have up to 2d10. Roll using the below chart,
1d12  #
 1    1     2nd level sorcerer
 2    2     1st level thieves, leather armor , short sword.(Humans)
 3    1     Dark Pegasus*
 4    3     Prowlers
 5    1     5th level thief(Humans)
 6    10    orcs No armor, Clubs
 7    10    Goblins
 8    3     BugBears Leahther armor, long swords
 9    1     1 banehorn
 10   1     3rd level sorcerer
 11   5     orcs Hide armor, wood clubs
 12   1     Hollow

*May only have one.

 Good Sorcerers gain different followers. Itis notas big as an evil sorecerers but they are enoguh. They can have up to 1d10 followers. Roll on a 1d10:
D10   #
1       3      Lawful good Elves(1stlevel)
2       1      Unicorn*
3       1      Treant
4       1      Fairie Dragon*
5       2      Paladins(3rd level)
6       1      Good Socerer(Level 3)
7       N/A  DM's choice
8       1       Mage (Level 2)
9       3       Human Fighters
10     1       Pegasus

* May only have one.