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I am known by the mortals of this world as Plythos,the watcher. I am one of the eight eternals that watch, and when the Gods permit intervene to help the good and the just.I will tell the history of Hyrule. At a time hyrule was barren dark black and evil. Elf was created by Tyris the Just, after that man was created and then the other races dwarf , hafling, gnome. There was another race, one that has remained hidden till this day. An evil sorcerer Grandjer the Black ruled. He kept his power mainly because he had made an unholy pact with the a clan of the Baatezu. These demons were the most evil and cruel of there race. They come from the hottest part of the nine hells a place called Bassett fire. I should mention there leader, his name is so unholy and vile that I will not repeat it, and I pray you never hear it. He is a strange demon made of fire and ice. None would oppose him and as a word of advice should you meet him RUN! Under the rule of this sorcerer the denizens of Hyrule were forced to build a labyrinth, that was to be his fortress. The first floor is above ground. There are hundreds of other floors, how many is unknown hence the name the Labyrinth of Infinity. First a few at a time the forlorn slaves would escape then many at a time till Grandjer began to notice then the rest ran for it! The slaves had left there towns and cities for a forest. This was a gift from the gods. No evil could live here and it was big enough that all coul live in peace. Here in this place harmony prevailed, I wonder will it ever happen again...... There I go again , back to the history. Any way here the races lived for almost 400 years together the races had built a splendid city. One fateful day the sky darkened. A fierce wind blew down ancient trees and fires raged with in there forest(Which I forgot to mention. it is named Arbon). Remembering there enslavement and there horrible life they knew they must prepare for war. Artifacts were made specially for demon slaying, the clerics started praying and a group of adventurers were assembled. A wise old sage gathered these adventurers because in his life he uncovered or rather discovered one of the basic laws of magic. For such evil to be brought into the world an equal amount of good must be there or be created.` Through much divination he found the location of that good. It was deep in the nine hells! It was a mighty war hammer forged of every metal known and even a few ones still not discovered. It had a golden hilt encrusted with runes, and the silvery head is perfectly balanced. This artifact was created before the dawn of time. How Grandjer retrieved this artifact you need not to know. These adventurers were from many different races. The most famous and greatest of these was Toryn the noble, a Palidin . Of course they ever would have succeeded without the Gold dragon Gavern Spout fire, but they also needed the Dwarf Gamrek Dunsford . Well there was also the halfling Henry Little foot and the human Clomer the wise. Well I guess to put it short they couldnít have done it with out each other. Oh I almost forgot Avern Tallbeak, he is of a hidden race which has remained secret till this day... When the war began the demons were haughty for they thought the brave Elf of the house of sacran and his friends had been destroyed. With in moments of the battle starting alone man surrounded by a few other friends came to the top of a nearby hill and raising a hammer high, he yelled BEGONE! All froze waiting for what would happen soon a white mist rolled in and took the demons to an island where they were imprisoned. At that moment the hammer also disappeared, who knows were it went...... At that moment the evil sorcerer knew he was beaten. Casting a powerful spell a large number of slaves and Grandjer disappeared. Moments later the earth began to tremble in the distance mountains shrunk. What was the southern part of Hyrule was pushed off to become an island chain known as Loria. The armies had left before they could see what became of the labyrinth. Perhaps Grandjer found it, perhaps he waits to come to power again..... Within a hundred years the races broke up. The dwarves went to the north , the high elves and the humans stayed together to form a small empire. The gnomes started a small town nearby.A plague killed a few thousands and it was blamed upon the gnomes. Small battles broke out all over the place. The gods saw what was happened and dispatched one of us, one of the twelve to help them. He led them through the valley of mists to a site for a city so joyous they were he was praised like a god's and so a small battle between us began trying to gain followers. We found out that we too like the gods gained power from followers.It was nothing major but we always tried to out do one and another. Well certain things were mixed up. While we werenít watching an evil wizard created lichdom, he gained many followers . So many they were he started an empire in the north. Soon after he found about lichdom . Very many evil things were unleashed, evil spread through the land after centuries of peace evil had returned to the land . We stopped after realizing our folly but it was not soon enough. The world repulsed by this evil created cataclysmic events. Volcanoes appeared, areas became devoid of rain and more creatures appeared. This time was named the age of heroes. Many great men helped save the world and finally after centuries more restored order. Now in the present in the year 1176 liches have raised armies to take over the world constantly they plot and wait, for they have all the time in the world. Some say one is Grandjer and he has returned for his throne........ But the Liches arenít Hyrules only problem another force in the north has has rised causing much trouble in the north, perhaps an ancient evil has risen. Come! join in the battle and make a name for yourself in the land of Hyrule.

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A short description of the dieties of Hyrule

* Hyrule is a world like any other world and has Gods. I'll start with the good gods first. * Tyris the just- He is the patron of Palidins and agod of lawful good. He also created many of the races. * Beliya- goddes of nature she is always trying to help thse who would protect her forests. * Mitrtag - Dwarven god of the the mountain. He is good but will always favor the Dwarves, thinking they are the best. * Holom - god of the elements, he is quiet and spends most time sleeping. Let's his avatars (ElementalKings)do his work for him. * Those are the main good gods. There are more lesser-gods. Maybe in time I will add them. Here are the eviland dark gods. * Gorm - Orc god of might. He is slow and spends most of histime figuring out what to do. Doesn't affect the world to much. * Drakam - A lich who by some evil miracle became a god. He favors death and is always attempting to destroy good. * Remfan - The supreme evil god. He destroyed a good god and has stolen his power. He loves chaos and allies with no one.