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Here are the races (More is coming! )

    Hyrule has many races. Most of them are from the players hand book. There are some 
new ones, and one or two half-monsters you can be. 
    Humans-  Most the humans of Hyrule have taken a liking to the warmth of the south, 
and very few have ventured to the cold north. In the south west the humanís here live in 
cities, as part of the Elven&Human empire. Most of them here become warriors and 
thieves, though some if smart enough will become mages. 
      Further  east to the  Wyrm peninsula the nomads of Kensi roam here. Here it is 
extremely  windy all the time and this has greatly affected there life style. Most think 
nomads are a little , letís say slow  but there really  not actually  they are very clever. 
You see these  were the men and women who thought they shouldnít leave nature and 
hated cities. They have a few towns. 
Unless by wild talent completely within there are no mages. Most are fighters or druids. I 
forgot to mention what they are most known for. On the windy plains it is very hard to 
travel by horse or any other ways of transportation. Instead  of this they have created  great 
wind ships to travel the plains. Imagine a ship with  six giant wheels and sails twice the 
normal size. 
       The last type of humans live in the island chain of  Loria. Practically all of them are 
Huge tanned warriors or deceitful thieves. By the way all the nobles down here at one time 
or another were thieves and they just hit it rich. Mages are also a common sight though 
they usually weren't born here. 
    Elves- The high elves of this world have banded with the humans to form a mighty 
empire. They are sorcerers and tamers o f 
dragons. Not only are they perhaps the goodest race but they are the evilist. Turned astray 
by the dark lichís of Catilin they formed citidels of evil, where the vilest of all flock to. 
From here they attempt to conquer the world. 
    There is another race of elves they are called by many names. Some call them the wild 
elves, other the grey elves,but those who are wise and old know they are the elves of the 
house of Sacran. They built there town in the forest of mist. Here only those who they want 
to find them can find there magical cities and towns. These elves have innate magic lost to 
there brethren the high elves. They have the ability to become the most powerful  mages in 
the world. The wild elves have asumed the role of "Defenders of the world" though no one ever 
sees there work, unless you were recruited by then to doit for them!
     Dwarves- What's a world with out dwarves! The dwarves are a very large population. Many of them
numbering hundreds of thousands live in the northern mountains. Here they search for mithril and other
precious metals in the Dragon teeth montains, though never straying to far from there cities and towns.
They are hardy warriors, and you better be living so close to the Dranstar marsh. Here beholders lurk
and witches brew evil. Many a strong warriors have entered and not returned.....
   The dwarves of the north are not the only dwarves. To the south, many dwarven slaves live. Here they work 
for the mean and cruel nobles of Loria. These Dwarves tend to be slightly taller and more tannedthen
other dwarves. These two groups of dwarves only here rumors of each other, but if they were to ever unite!
Ha what a scene that would be.

 Halflings-The halflings have dispersed through out the world. They have made a living 
usuallyas thieves.  A large number of them live in Loria.  They are usually the nobles 
second in command, and because of this the dwarves of the south hate haflings. Halflings 
look the way there discribed in the PHB, and thats it on haflings! 
      Gnomes-It was mentioned before that the gnomes were almost erraticated by the other 
races. They know has set up a small but strong empire inside the valley of mists. They have 
survived itís dangers and so are battle hardened people. Gnomes rarely leave there home, 
but if they do the other gnomes still accept them. Some the leave not because they are 
brave but because they are thieves!   
      Half-Trolls- Yes you read it correctly Half -trolls! This is one of the oddest mixes yet , 
but it isnít as strange as you first think. Half -trolls are a mix between a stone troll and a 
dwarf. Usually this happens because they just like each other!This doesnít happen so often 
though, but the number is growing. Half-trolls are shorter than there troll brethren. There 
skin is smooth, more like leather. Also they grow hair, usually it is read. On there head they 
usually let it grow long then make a pony tail. Also they grow hair from there upper back 
around there shoulders to the front of there chest. A strange thing is that they donít fear 
fire, in fact they like to be blacksmiths! A player can be a Half-troll, they can be a fighter or 
a Ranger, VERY RARELY they are clerics. They recieve a +2 to strength, +2 to 
constitution, -1to inteligence, -3 to charisma, and a -1 to  wisdom. 
          I am working on more races I donít know when Iíll get them up.