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CLIMATE/TERRAIN:    Mountain,Swamps         STONE TROLLS  
FREQUENCY:          Rare 
ORGANIZATION:       Group 
ACTIVITY CYCLE:     Day or night 
DIET:               Carnivore 
INTELLIGENCE:       7-13                     
TREASURE:           varies greatly           
ALIGNMENT:          any                      
NO. OF APPEARING:   1-60                     
ARMOR CLASS:        1                       
MOVE:               6                        
HIT DICE:           8                        
THAC0:              12(+3 to hit)                     
NO. OF ATTACKS:     2                        
DAMAGE/ATTACK:      1d8+5/1d8+5              
SPECIAL ATTACKS:    Nil                     
SPECIAL DEFENSES:   Reg. 5 hp/round         
MAGIC RESISTANCE:   30%                      
SIZE:               Large(7ft) Medium (6ft)  
MORALE:             14                                     
XP VALUE:           3,200 
Stone Trolls are very tall. They have smooth green skin. There 
upper body is larger then there legs, giving them a sort of clumsy
 look. Don't be fooled by there looks there as tough and as mean 
as there namesake, the troll. They are immensely strong and due to 
that they receive a +3 to hit and a +5 for damage. Unlike other
kinds of trolls these are not scared of fire, even though it hurts 
them the same. Also they regenerate faster than trolls, and this 
regeneration occurs after the first turn! Stone trolls build 
makeshift cities and will defend them at all costs. Stone trolls 
can be any alignment so you never know if itís a good troll or a 
bad troll. They give awards out to the bravest stone troll, so 
if one stone troll comes after you and they are 
wearing a blue and gold medallion, RUN! They receive this award 
usually because of something any humanoid would think outrageous. 
(If P.C.ís ever meet one make sure he is a bit better than the stats 
above, also give him 4 more HD) 
CLIMATE/TERRAIN:      Any except cold             Termuligin(Magic Flayers)   
FREQUENCY:   rare everywhere except in Loria          
ORGANIZATION: Tribal                                                 
ACTIVITY CYCLE:   Night                        
DIET:    Brains,and other organs                                   
INTELLIGENCE:   15-20                                       
TREASURE:  D                                                     
ALIGNMENT:  Lawful/Chaotic  evil                
Experience:3HD 250 , 4HD 350, 6HD 550                
8-10HD 650                                                             
NO. OF APPEARING: 1-20                                  
ARMOR CLASS:   2 (6)                                   
MOVE:  7                                                              
THAC0: 16                                                            
NO. OF ATTACKS: 2                                              
DAMAGE/ATTACK:  1d4/1d4                                
SPECIAL ATTACKS:  See Sideóóó->            
SPECIAL DEFENSES:  See Sideóóó>              
MAGIC RESISTANCE: 25%        			       
SIZE:    M                

MagicFlayers are a direct relative to the more known and  more feared 
Mindflayers.  These creatures are impervious  spells altering the mind,
for instance charm,maze,muddle etc.MagicFlayers are man-sized they 
look almost identical to relatives Mindflayers. One distinc
difference between the two is the fact MagicFlayers only have two 
face tentacles.Rarely do they ally because one is obbsesed with magic,
the other with the mind. 
   All MagicFlayers have an enchanted dimond which they were around 
ther neck. This gives them an AC of 2. If it is dispellded they have 
a natural AC of 6. All mind flayers are mages.
 3-6 HD Magicflayers have only 1st and 2nd level spells. 
They may cast any three from each, so it is a six spell total. Also
they may cast and attack in the same time. 8-10HD MagicFlayers have 
the  choice of advancinglike a regular mage or having up to 3rd level 
spells and casting three from each. 
 If both tentacles hit and one of the hits was a 20 it sucks your 
brain out and your dead!                 

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:   Forest, Cities        
ACTIVITY CYCLE:     Day or night 
DIET:              omnivore 
INTELLIGENCE:       9-19                     
TREASURE:           varies greatly           
ALIGNMENT:          anything except Chaotic Evil                      
NO. OF APPEARING:   1-10 except in cities                  
ARMOR CLASS:        3                       
MOVE:               12                       
HIT DICE:           4                       
THAC0:              16                     
NO. OF ATTACKS:     1                        
DAMAGE/ATTACK:      1d8+2              
SPECIAL ATTACKS:    Magic                     
SPECIAL DEFENSES:   See below        
MAGIC RESISTANCE:   50%   (65%)                  
SIZE:             M(5 to 6ft) 
MORALE:            16   
XP VALUE:           450 
   The wild elves are an extremely rare lot. These are the elves of 
fairy tales, creatures of a forgotten age. 
Deep inside the forest  near the mountains of Caer Dorn supposedly 
live the wild elves. Here in these thousands of square miles of 
virgin forest they live undisturbed.
One of the largest misconceptions of these elves is there name. They
are the elves of the house of Sacran(Sa-Kran).They are closely related
to the Dark elves, the Drow. In fact it would do know disrespect to 
call them the Light Elves. They live in marvelous cities shrouded 
in illusion to protect themselves. 
    Most of them wear enchanted elven chainmail. This bestows upon 
them a +15% MR bonus.Also giving them any AC of 3. The elves of the
house of Sacran are the MOST powerful mages in the continent.They 
have powers of innate magic. As they progress they gain different 
spell like powers useful to them Once per day.Also as a young elf they
will quickly learn there ability to become a treelimb as of the spell TREE. 
 1st                Detect Magic 
 3rd          Another 1st (DMís choice) 
 4th          Invisibility 
 5th          1 more 2nd    
 6th           Fly (Only for 20 minutes) 
 8th           Talk with animals and plants 
 12th          Teleport 
 Unlike there relatives the high elves they have not there keen sight 
in which to find doors. They donít receive any +ís with swords in 
fact anything bigger than a medium  they suffer a -2 penalty. Also 
with bows they receive a +1 to hit. As a P.C. they be any class and
these are there racial adjustments: -1 strength , +1 dexterity, +1 
.Wardancer racial adjustments: +2 to strength(Max 18/00), +2 to 
Dexterity, -3 to intelligence, -2 to wisdom. It is a great honor to 
be a wardancer;the kings body guard. The reason is that if they become
a war dancer it isbecause there lack of magic. Light Elves are compeled
and motivated by magic. They become war dancers because of there detach-
ment from magic.

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