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Orders, Clans, and Guilds

The Order of Grey Arrows

    The order of Grey Arrows was started by a ranger by the name of Teal Erandaw. It was started in the year
1292. It has been around now for almost 300 years. Teal belived in the unison of mind, body, and spirit. He 
gained many followers and started the order. There strong hold is hidden in the Iteelf forest in the north.
One of the requierments is just finding it!

Requierments:      Only Rangers and Fighters may enter the order.Also
   Strength 11     There are three trials you have to complete to 
     Wisdom 14     enter this order of archers. The first thing you must
Inteligence 14     complete is the making of a bow and one arrow.
                   On a roll of a 1 or 2 on a 1d20 the bow is exeptional +1.
    The arrow is a exceptional of a roll of a 1. Now with your bow and arrow 
you must hit a target. It is a far enough away to impose a -2 modifier. Treat 
it as an AC 9. If Hit you you go onto the trial of rank. Here you must demonstrate
an amazing feat with the bow. Some include shooting an apple on someones head.
If the person is killed, you will be executed.
 Weapons allowed: Dagger, Short Sword, and any bow except cross bows. 
 Bonuses: After being iniated you must stay at there fortification and train for
         three months. After this time you gain +1 to hit with a dagger, short
         sword and Bow. Also you may make all wisdom, intelligence, and strength
         checks with a +1.
 Restrictions: You may only adventure with the Orders permission.
               You may only be neutral or Lawful neutral.
               You must always make actions in interest to the guild.
               You may not kill with out reason.If you do you must seek

Here is a list of rankings, at every rank you can order some other clan members
  Amazing Feat            # that can be commanded 	Rank Name
 Stupid, but aceptable           none			commoner
 Average 			3-5(DM's discretion)*   Sir -----,Scout
 Good 				5-10  "     "     	Sir-----, Lietenant
 Amazing			16-25 "     "		Lord----, Captain
 WOW!!!				32-43 "     " 		Sire    , Comander
    approx. Total membership:400

The Order of the Mithril Lance

       150 years ago on a dark and mysterious night a group of young Paladins traveled
  towards the city of Dunrar. The Human Paladins were on a mission to help a Dwarven city.
  On there way a large number of Orcs attacked the group of 10. Lances lowered they charged.
  Almost in seconds the threat was destroyed. Suddenly the ground shook. Being near a volcano
  the nights thought it would explode and they would die.
      A large black Lion came into view. It stood on it's hind legs and looked as if it was Stone.
  Being brave the knights again lowered there lances, and prepared to charge knowing they would soon die.
  Suddenly there was an explosion!! Pure mithril gushed forth from the mountain and covered the beast in it's
  molten hot shell. The force was so tremendous the creature was knocked of the cliff into the water.
  It is thinked that it still is there encased in a tomb of mithril. So joyus at the fact they were alive,
  they took Mithril in viles and went towards the city of Dunrar. With the mithril they were able
  to negotiate, so that night the war between the dwarves ended.
  Mithril having saved there life so many times was honered in a special way. Almost immediatly these
  young Palidins changed faiths to that of the Dwarven god of the smith!

  Strength 15			Getting acepted is very easy. A few combats with blunted weapons.
  Charisma 16(Special Exception) And if you do good your in. The only real special bonus of this is you recieve +2
  Wisdom 16                      to charisma when dealing with any kind of Dwarf.

    If you slay a gorgon by yourself you recieve the highest honor. The mithril lance! Very few have gained
 this lance since the order is small.
((I haven't developed this order to well so if you have better ideas, send them. If it is alot your name will be on it.))

   Order of the Red Oak

     You might have guessed this to be  order of wizards. Well your right! The story goes that hidden somewhere in the valley of mists
there lies the Red Oak. Not much is known about ths magical tree. One, the order knows it is extremly magical. What kind of magic it contains
is unknown. The tree was created by an ancient god of magic. Lastly it is gaurd by a creture unlike anything ever seen. It is rumered that
if the tree ever is found by something evil the creture will multiply and it's kind will roam the earth. This group of wizards are dedicated to
finding this tree. Few mages are in the guild, but they are allowed. The guild is spread through out the world. 
  It's members all were red robes with an embroidered oak covering the front.

Requierments:          To be in the Order you must answer three riddles, then ask a riddle the mages can't get.
   Strength 13      ((DM if you can't figure it out, they win)) You must be at least a 3rd level mage or wizard.
   Inteligence 16    Also Druids are allowed. You must pay a minimum of 100 gp to be in the Order.
   Wisdom 16

   Bonuses:  +1 to checks involving any kind of riddle. You gain access to a labratory, depending on the town your in.

The Order of Serptina 
        The order is one of evil and decitfulness. Started by an evil Lich named 
 Trellzan, which I would add still lives;rather moves, eh?. In the North eastern area of Hyrule 
there is a territory which is known as Catilina. Here in this vast province of variing climates, 
and creatures. The LichLords of the north gather men. Elves they have other purposes for. Warring 
each other for a piece of the map to the vault of ages where an artifact of great power lies. At least  
they think it is great. Maybe it is a cruel trick by a good wizard so they may never unite as one.... 
    Trellzan is the weakest of the Lich Lords, but perhaps he is the most clever. Unlike the other 
undead kings he has a temple in the south hidden somewhere in Draken hills. He is more involved in the 
dealings of the south then the others and so may be the most dangerous. He offers great rewards and 
attracts a good deal of people into his secret order.  
  Dexterity 17      Only evil aligned mages and thieves may join his Order, which by th way worships 
  Inteligence 14   the snake goddes Serptina. Detect alignment is casted on all new members. They  
                   are very suspicious so bewarned good Palidins and the like, it is not easy to infiltrate 
                   this Order! 
   All new members must make there way through a small dungeon, where a wrong turn could cost you 
your life! After getting into this evil guild you get many conections and many smaller thieve guilds will 
bend towards the will of one of these Order members.