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     Alloryia is a land unlike any other. It's spells have developed from within people and magic flows all around. One's gifted enough to harness it's potent power becomes a mage, wizard, or other proffesion drawing upon the magic energy around them. Below are just a few of the spells unique to Alloryia. Soon I will have a small page about how magic works in Alloryia and as always I will constantly expand on this page.

1st level mage spells

The Juggle of Mephisto
Summoning 1*
Fists of Fury

2nd level mage spells

Bomb of Bobastern
Defiant Call*
Traven's Goo
Spiral of Wind

3rd Level Spell

Wrath of Nature**
Draven's Ice Dust
Draven's Icy Wind
True invisibility
Summoning 2*

Key: *Sorcerers only,**Both a Cleric and a Mage spell
          CT= Casting Time


 First Level Spells
 Juggle of Mephesito

CT: 1 per ball           SavingThrow:None
Duraton: Special          Components:V,S,M
Area of effect: Up to 6 ft

   This spell was created by a wandering bard. Not much
is known about him since all that was found was his body
. The spell is a farely weak one, yet an excellent di-
version. So you could see how this would entice a bard.
The spell is as follows the caster begins by waving his
hands arround as if he was juggling balls, then as the
magic words are said tiny glowing balls appear, 3 per
level. The balls can then be mentally commanded to fly
away from the caster and towards the target(s). The
to hit is rolled with a Thaco of 14. Each ball inflicts
1 hp of Damage. Matterial components: Any kind of ball,
which can be reused.


CT:1 week             SavingThrow:N/A
Duration:1hr/3 levels  Material Components: V,S,M
Area of Effect: Around the Caster  SORCERER

This spell is a sorcerer* spell. It takes a week to pre-
pare. The caster must enscribe, rather pour ground up
silver(silver Powder) into specific shapes and runes.
If a whole week is spent there is a 90% chance it succ-
ceded. Take off 15% for everyday under a week. DM make
all rolls secret.
    This is a weak ward, so anything being summuned must
be under 3+2 HD. (Check the Monsters Section of my web
page, They'll be there soon) If it is stronger than 3+2
HD it will crush your ward.Spells may be cast
At least a bagful of silver powder is needed, it can
remain up and as long as it is not disturbed it
will work provided it is casted again.

Summoning 1

CT: 30 minutes    Savingthrow:Negates
Area of effect: Any Plane  Material components: V,M
Duration:Special      SORCERER

This spell can summon an extra-plannar creature. The
material needed for this to work is a bowl of incense
(100gp) which is burned. The name of the creature
must be known, it is possible to summon a general type
pf creature. This can be very dangerous. There is a 50%
chance the creature is a Lord of a specific type of
creature. This means it could have 4+ hd, and can break
your ward! The summoned creature can try to resist the
summons since it is a weak spell, it gets a saving throw
and if it passes itcan choose to resist the summons.

Fists of Fury

CT:3      SavingThrow: None
Area of affect: Casters Hands MaterialComponents: V,S
Duration: As long as he keeps Humming

 This spell is a marvelous spell. Made by a fighter Mage
because he always ran out of spells and, well he wasn't
too good of a fighter. This spell begins by Humming the
caster then begins to punch the or air someone else or
as he hums then in three rounds his fists begin to glow.
As long as he hums the spell will remain. Though if more
than 1/4 of his hit points are lost he is forced to stop
from the pain. The fists do 1d4+1 per fist. This goes up
+1 every/level,up to +10.Also you get get +1 to hit, this
remains the same. Also the recipient gets plus one to hit.
This counts as a +1 weapon!


Second Level Spells

Bomb of Bobastern

CT: 2      SavingThrow: See below
Area of effect: 5ft radius  Components: V,S
Duration: Instantaneous

  This spell creates a small glassy like ball. This
can be placed or thrown. Once the spell is cast, in
1 round theBomb will detinate. Every body in a five
foot radius is affected. Unless you make a strength
check with a -2 penalty you are thrown back 10 for
every 2 levels of the caster. Also if you fail you
take 1d6+1/for every ten feet. Remember what ever
the P.C.'s hit they also take damage.

Defiant Call
CT: 3                SavingThrow:see below
Area of Effect: 1 person   Components:V,S,M
Duration:Special              SORCERER

   When a sorcerer summons a creature, from whatever
plane it can try to resist a weak sorcerer. This
spell was designed by an evil hermit of the north.
Not only can it be used on extra-plannar creatures,
it can also be used on people and monsters. They
have different effects. On a summoned creature
it will force it to your will.It has to make a
savingthrow or else it bends to your will. For
every level you may keep trying to bend it's will.
For every HD above three it gains a +1 bonus to it's
savingthrow. Also remember the time used for this
spell takes up the time the summoned creature can
be on this plane.
  On any other creature it does not bend it's will
but it does strain on there sanity. It is like a
consistent screech that only the victim can hear.
Like the effect on the extra-plannar creature the
caster can keep it up for 1 round/ a level.

Traven's Goo

CT:2                    Savingthrow:N/A
Area of Effect: 3ft foward,  Components:V,M
5 ft across
Duration:1 round/level

 Goo was made by a wizard by the name of Traven.
Traven was let's say a few cornels short of a
full piece of corn. He made a few different spells
that were mainly for fun but other mages found
uses for it.
  This spell requires a piece of slime(any kind)
which is used up in the casting. Throwing the
slime towards the targets it expands to cover
three feet out and five feet across. The slime
is very slippery so dexterity checks must be made
if the target was moving towards the caster, also
make sure to use a Dexterity check(or strength)
for the target to hold their weapon. Now this isn't
even the worst part, when the caster chooses or
when time is up the slime vanishes and leaves the
victims with a terrible rash to all exposed parts
that iches intensly so much does it itch that
the victims recieve -2 to all dexterity checks
and -3 to attack. The rash lasts for about 1-2
hours, it can be cured by conventional means.

Sprial Wind
CT:2  SavingThrow:N/A
Durations:Special   Components: V,S
Area of Effect: 4 feet diameter, up to 100 feet up

      A simple spell, Spiral wind creates an upward
tunnel of air which the caster can ride vertically up
to 100ft. Only one person can use it after the caster
gets off the spell ends. It is very usefull in certain
situtions for instance if the caster found himself under
water and needed to get top the surface quick. In
certain instances it could be used as an attack spell.
  It was made by a eccentric mage(Aren't they all)
who lived in a tower with no doors so the only way to
get in was to climb, fly, or use this spell.

3rd level  spells

Wrath of nature
CT:5         Savingthrow: N/A
Duration:instantaneous  Components: V,S,M
Area of effect: 5x5 area

 Wrath of nature is a spell that many mages intuned with
the forest likes. What happens is every plant and animal
in the five by five area are brought alive to the fact of
an ememy and attacks. Some times this spell is practically
useless, for instance if there was only a little shrubary
but on the other hand if there were ten squirels in the tree's
and thorn bushes on the ground, than could hurt someone alot!
   The DM randomly determines the devestation of the attack
and remember that it is only very short, everything happens
and then nothing...
 (This is also a cleric spell, but the Druid/mage Falon converted
it to a written spell)

Draven's Ice Dust
CT:1 day     SavingThrow:Neg.
Duration:See below  Components:M(V,S)
Area of effect:One person

Ice Dust is a powerful but dangerous spell. The material
component for this spell is ground ice. The spell then
takes 1 day of preperation before becoming active. It is
recomended that the crushed ice which now has become a
powder be stored in a bag. For if one little gust of wind
touches it the spell it is activated.
    The casting of this spell produces enough dust for
The ice dust freezes on contact with living matter
causing 1d12+6 damage. A saving throw means it was avoided
but it moves on to it's maximum range(10ft), so follow it
behind the target.

Draven's Icy wind
CT:3       SavingThrow:1/2 damage
Duration:3 rounds  Components:V,S
Area of effect: See below

Another ice spell from the elemental wizard Draven.
The spell creates small tornados. The appear to have
shards of ice in them and thats what does the damage.
The spell itself is a unpredictable. One tornado per 3
 levels can be made,maximum 4. The caster sets them off
and they move five feet in the designated direction.
There after for the remaining 2 turns roll a 1d6, 1=foward,
2=backwards, 3=diagnal left Foward,4=diagnal right foward,
5=diagnal left backwards, 6=diagnal right backwards, 7=left,
8=right. Each victim hit by the tornado suffers 1d4+1/per level
 of caster, Maximum 3d4+3.

True Invisibility

CT:2      SavingThrow:N/A
Duration: 10 turns   Materials: S,V
Area of effect: Caster    SORCERER

 Most of us know that the invisibility spell is really just an
illusion. The sorcerer needing to be as decitful and treacherous
as possible has devised the spell of true invisibility. Upon cast-
ing the caster shimmers from existence, but really is only invisible. The spell is as follows, half of the casters essence is moved from our plane and half stays here.
 Not having enough essence to be in both places at once the caster
isn't! He's gone. You have thought but it feels distant and takes a
 little longer to think things through. Spell casting is not possible, nor battle to the spell durations end. You can hear but nothing else.
Movement is like floating and you will not tire.
You have almost a six sense when the spell is cast and you can
sense boundaries, which are described as a wide place a narrow
place. If there was a large table you would feel something big in
the middle.
 Also unlike other spells this does not end at will. It ends at the
end of the duration.

Summoning 2
CT:1 week      SavingThrow:see below
Duration:1hr   Components:V,S,M
Area of effect: 7 HD of Creatures   SORCERER

This spell is the same as summon except it needs 300 gp worth of
incense and creatures of 4 or less hitdice must come no matter
what, still the name has to be known. Creatures with more than 4hd
get a savingthrow vs. spell to resist the effects of the spell.