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CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Plane of the shadow        
FREQUENCY: Shadow-Common/Prime-Rare            Muscar
ORGANIZATION:     Anarchic   
DIET:           Meat and shadows    
INTELLIGENCE:      average(9-10)                     
TREASURE:       None               
ALIGNMENT:      Lawful Evil                        
NO. OF APPEARING:   1-30               
ARMOR CLASS:     5                          
MOVE:          24(Fly) A                           
HIT DICE:     2                           
THAC0:     18                             
NO. OF ATTACKS: 2                            
DAMAGE/ATTACK:  1d4/1d4                  
SPECIAL ATTACKS:  Poison                      
SPECIAL DEFENSES:  None          
MAGIC RESISTANCE: --                   
SIZE:    small 1 ft tall            
MORALE:    12         
XP VALUE: 200           

 These small creatures measure only one and a half feet tall. They have small
fly like wings, butit is infered that they fly by magical means. The Muscar
have two large fangs and small beady red eyes. There skin is covered by a 
thin layer of fur. There black skin is very tough.
  On there native plane, the shadow realm they eat shadows. Many more power-
ful biengs will imprison them as slaves. Naturally they kill anything which
is not them, enjoying the treat of fresh meat.
    On the prime material plane they are very disruptive to the ecology so it
is not hard to find them if they are there.

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:  any       
FREQUENCY:     rare                              Prowlers
ORGANIZATION:  pack     
DIET:        Flesh       
INTELLIGENCE:  1-2                         
TREASURE:    none                  
ALIGNMENT:  Chaotic evil/Chaotic neutral                            
NO. OF APPEARING:  1-20                
ARMOR CLASS:    5                           
MOVE:  12                                   
HIT DICE: 3                               
THAC0:  17                                
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3                            
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d8/1d4/1d4                   
SPECIAL ATTACKS: none                   
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Fear Aura          
MAGIC RESISTANCE:nil                    
SIZE:  M(4ft from head to tail)             
MORALE:   Fearless          
   The prowler is one the most vile abdominations ever brought into existence
, being half way between life and death. A wolf in itself has certain resit-
ences to the undead and certain links. So an evil cleric's experiments creat-
ed the Prowler.
    Prowlers live much as they lived in life except that they are dead! They
organize packs numbering as much as 20. The strangest thing about them is the
fact that they hunt even though they need no food. There hide is tougher and
there bite is more viscious. They have all the abilities of a normal wolf
, especially there ability to hunt. These chaotic creatures are quite an 
advesery for any opponent. Immediatly when facing them  people are overcome
with terror and must make a saving throw.
   Many times an evil cleric or a Sorcerer* can employ them as gaurds.
* This is the sorcerer I created   

CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Dark and evil forests      
FREQUENCY: Very rare, usually only in the Myst Marsh      
ORGANIZATION: solitary     
ACTIVITY CYCLE: any   					Banehorns
DIET:   Magic       
INTELLIGENCE: 8-10                         
TREASURE:    K                  
NO. OF APPEARING:  1-2                
ARMOR CLASS:    3                          
MOVE:  18                                   
HIT DICE: 6                               
THAC0:  16                                
NO. OF ATTACKS: 3                            
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2d4/1d4/2d4                  
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Magic Drain                   
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Displacement          
MAGIC RESISTANCE: 15%                 
SIZE:  M(5-6ft from head to tail)             
MORALE:   Fearless          

     Belynda, the goddes of nature had created the unicorn the gods of evil
grew jealous and in this jealousy they created the banehorn. This twisted
creature of evil lived for a long time through out the world until Belynda
banished them to the Mist Marsh. This perhaps was her mistake. Originally 
this swamp of evil was small, nearly 2 miles square but ove the hundreds of
years in which the banehorn has existed it helped this place of evil grow and
  The Banehorn is larger than a normal horse and it's skin is an ebony black.
The leatherish hide provides it with ample protection. The horn is twisted 
and spiraled, it is grayish in color. It's eyes glow a bright red. Once every
hundred years the Banehorn will mate and produce of spring until it matures
this takes about 4 weeks.
  In combat the Banehorn will first try to drain magic. Any person with magic
abilities are affected. Roll a saving throw, if it fails the magic-user loses
one randomly determined spell. First determine level then the specific spell.
This spell is lost for the day and can't be rememorized. For Every level, the
Banehorn gains 1d4+1 hitpoints.
   Then it will displace its self causing a -2 to hit it, and it will charge
every so often instead of attacking it will magic drain. I didn't mention be-
fore but this can go higher then it's total hitpoints.
CLIMATE/TERRAIN:  Any forest       
FREQUENCY:     Rare                            Hollows
ORGANIZATION: solitary     
DIET:        Flesh       
INTELLIGENCE:  15-18                         
TREASURE:    P                 
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral                            
NO. OF APPEARING:  1                
ARMOR CLASS:    1                           
MOVE:  1                                  
HIT DICE: 8                              
THAC0:  19                               
NO. OF ATTACKS: 4                            
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d8/1d8/1d8/1d8                  
SPECIAL ATTACKS: nil                   
SPECIAL DEFENSES: nil          
MAGIC RESISTANCE:nil                    
SIZE: 11-18 ft tall             
MORALE:   Fearless          
XP VALUE: 1,400

    Hollows are treants who have under gone a torterous procedure by magic. 
It drains them of there life leaving them Hollow, hence the name. They can
move slowly since they have no insides. They stalk and eat what ever they
can bashing it with there heavier branches, do to there lack of insides they
are very inacurate but when they do hit they could kill a man in one blow.
Fire does normal damage but holy water hurts them also.
  Many times ghost flock around them so they live together in a strange 
harmony. These Hollows can talk and in fact know very much, but they are 
usually todepressed to talk. Alot of times thecan be talked into doing 
something and they'll switch from good to evil rapidly.