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I couldn't find a picture.

  Jyem the trickster, greater god of deciet and Thieves

SO if you find one please send me one.

  Little is known about this decitful diety other than he is evil. He grants few prayers except to the followers of his guild. Jyem takes many forms and usually becomes mortal to steal something well gaurded, he loves challenge. His followerers are hidden and never are openly seen.  Also unlike the other gods(except Mirtag) instead of residing in one of the many astral palaces he resides on Alloryia.  Don't be fooled into thinking that he is just a playful trickster. Jyem is evil as evil as any other  god of darkness.
  Jyem greatest trickery was the theft of Tyrin's gem. A magical artifact which sealed Hyrule from other planes. The theft open all the gate ways to the other planes, Hyrule has some places which directly link to the nine hells. It was from here the demons of bassetfire came and caused so much trouble. Chaos erupted upon the virgin world. All of Belinda and Tyrin's creations were enslaved by Grandjer a foul half-demon,half-man sorcerer. In the end all was righted as you can see from Hyrules history. Look in the Clans Guilds and Orders section for more information on his Guild.

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