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Mirtag, greater god of 
              Dwarves and Warriors

  Upon the mithril throne of Daern Dar sits the god of the Dwarven warriors. The size of a titan, Mirtag sits and watches from afar on his throne. A giant dwarf with a red beard he watches and grants gifts to his people. With evil rising Mirtag dares not walk the land as a mortal for fear of being destroyed. The fortress of the god sits within reach of mortals. If a Dwarf ever reaches the fortress, and defeats its perils Mirtag will reward them greatly.
  In the years before the divisions of the races Mirtag and Tyrin would wander the world righting wrong and destroying evil. With one of the six hell gates reopened, and the 9 great lich lords evil is begining to win. The world is not with out hope though. Mirtag grants his clerics strength. Strength is the most important quality to Mirtag.
  A young cleric will go on a quest decided by his or her superior. Upon completion of this task(Which usually is completing something requiring strength) the are granted the gift of strength. In battleClerics of Mirtag can be heard singing many different songs which come together to form an eirie harmony. Alone this strong in the heart of a cleric grants increased strength(+1 to hit/ +2 to damage). When in a group of three or more it makes them stronger(+2/+3).

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