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CLIMATE/TERRAIN:  Upper Planes      
FREQUENCY:    common                       Terramental
ACTIVITY CYCLE:  Never Sleeps or rests 
DIET:      None      
INTELLIGENCE:  13-16                         
TREASURE:    none              
ALIGNMENT: ChaoticGood                           
NO. OF APPEARING:  1d4(On home plane)                
ARMOR CLASS:    0                          
MOVE:  4                                
HIT DICE: 6HD, 8 HD, 10HD, 12HD                             
THAC0:  14                           
NO. OF ATTACKS: 2                            
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d8+2/1d8+2                
SPECIAL ATTACKS:see below                  
SPECIAL DEFENSES: nil         
MAGIC RESISTANCE:15%                
SIZE: 4ft to 5 ft tall             
MORALE:   Fearless          
XP VALUE: 6HD 1,000
          8HD 1,400
         10HD 1,600
         12HD 1,800
 Terramentals are a strange mix of magic and the elementals. Shaped 
somewhat like a stone golem that is around four feet tall these 
creatures are a force to be recond with.  They glow with a strange
yellowish hue or they are a blaze. The ones with the yellowish glow
may cast focus(new spell) as a full powered 6th level mage. This 
goes up for every two hd so an 8HD terramental is a full powered 
7th level mage.
 The other kind which are literally a walking balls of fire can 
cast blaze, with it's level the same as the other one. Terramental's 
rarely come to our plane except if summoned which they come willingly.
 Though they are intelligent they only communicate among themselves, a
nd not with any other species. They can understand common. Many mages   
have tried to make them communicate but to no success.(*The two spells
here will be listed soonin my spell section)

		  Drascarn          Duscarn
CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Any cold           Any cold
FREQUENCY:   common                common                          
ACTIVITY CYCLE:Day or Night        Night
DIET:   Carnivore                  Carnivore
INTELLIGENCE: 6-11                 2-4      
TREASURE:  F                       Can be anything
ALIGNMENT: Any                     neutral     
NO. OF APPEARING:1d10              1   
ARMOR CLASS:6                      0  
MOVE:  4(land) 15 Ice              24              
HIT DICE: 4HD                      9HD     
THAC0: 18                          15
NO. OF ATTACKS:1 or 3              1             
DAMAGE/ATTACK:Weapon (1d6/1d6/1d4) 1d12+2            
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Venom             Venom
SPECIAL DEFENSES: nil              nil
MAGIC RESISTANCE:nil               nil
SIZE: Medium(5ft)                  Large (15 ft in length)
MORALE: 17                         12
XP VALUE: 400                      3,000
  The Drascan a strange, twisted race. Part elven, part dragon and 
and the product of magical backwash from the ICE STONE. A Drascan 
stands erect like a human. There faces are icy white and they have 
long fangs that come almost to their chin. There skin is patchy and 
has fin lines which define the thin scales that cover there body. 
They live in tribes and go out in hunting parties of ten. What they 
hunt is the Duscarn.A large and deadly snow serpent which by unknown 
means can travel underneath the snow and leave almost no trace. The 
creature is covered in glistening scales and has two large fangs 
which it attacks with. If hit by it you must make a saving throw(-3)
if failed your blood begins to freeze. Every round you recieve a -1 
to all rolls once at -6 your dead!
    The Drascarn are immune to this and they themselves can bite using 
the same poison(-1 modifier). They do have an antidote which they sell
 willingly at a very high price to those poisoned. (Just for reference
 sake it is named firewort, and though common is extremely hard to find 
in the snow)
Drascan fight with spears the height of there body. On the end one 
blade is straight and two others curve left and right from it.
(Drascarnion spear Size:L Speed:6 Weight:5lbs Damage:1dd8+1/1d12+2)
  Drascarn's are accepted by the northerners. They never venture 
from the cold, because they die in heat(Above 40 degrees) within 2 
days. Drascarn may be P.C's. See the races section for more info.
                 Fairy           Wists
CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Any           Forests                      
FREQUENCY:  Rare               Very Rare           
ACTIVITY CYCLE: Night or Day   All
DIET: Sweet fruits             Sweet Fruits
INTELLIGENCE: 15-18            18-20           
TREASURE:Small trinkets        None   
ALIGNMENT:  Any Good           Lawful Good              
NO. OF APPEARING: 1-13         1      
ARMOR CLASS: 4                 0       
MOVE: fly(24) Class A          Fly(12) Class B                   
HIT DICE: 2-4                  5HD         
THAC0: 2HD 19/ 3HD 18/ 4HD 16  14                     
NO. OF ATTACKS:  1             1            
DAMAGE/ATTACK:  1d4            none  
SPECIAL ATTACKS: See Below     See Below      
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Invisibility, Dreams, Aura(Same for Wists)   
MAGIC RESISTANCE: 60%           90%  
SIZE: S (1-2ft)                 1-2 feet tall
MORALE: 16                      19 
XP VALUE: 2HD 640/ 3HD 700 / 4HD 775/ Wist 5,200
   The Fairie, you hear about them in stories and your told about 
them as a kid. Forget everything thats been told about them. It's all 
wrong! Faires are nothing like sprites. For one thing there as tall as
 a kobold. Male fairies do exist but they are known as Faerns. Fairies
 are good creatures and though mishchievious they do aways work for 
good. You've probably heard of the tooth fairy. When a tooth is put 
under your pillow , it's like a mage inscribing runes on a door that 
now lets people pass through. Many times fairies are hunted down by 
evil and vicious creatures. The toth allows them to enter your dreams.
 There they can hide. The money you get is just the gratitude of the 
fairy. Fairies as I said before are between one and two feet tall. 
They were elaborate clothing made from spider silk. It is this 
clothing combined with there aura that gives them an AC of 4. There 
wings are that of a butterfly except they are larger. There face is 
of an elf and they have hair that is golden hues. The wisest and 
oldest fairies have silver hair. 
All fairies have a pouch of fairy dust, and they carry a wand. The 
Fairy dust is extremely powerful. Fairies have an innate understanding
 of it so to them it is useful. A fairy may sprinkle this anywhere and
 call for an effect. there is a 75% chance that the effect will work.
 Otherwise roll on the wand of wonder chart in the DM. If any other 
race uses it there is but a 5% chance it will work for them. Fairy 
dust does have limitations, it can not bring about a world change, 
it can not summon anything, and it CAN NOT KILL.
There wand is a symbol of status, to put it simply Peasent Fairies
(2HD) have brown wands. These are the fairies those false stories 
come from. Middle class fairies(3HD) carry  golden wands. They help 
with forest disputes and the like. Noble Faires carry silver wands. 
There out there fighting evil.
The fairies wand can cast any first level spell unlimited times. The 
last thing about fairies is that they have an aura of good.It has an 
8ft diameter with the fairy in the center. Any evil creature has a -1 to hit a fairy. this is cumulativewith each fairy, so 10 fairies would impose a -10 to hit on evil creatures. The Aura may once per day heal all within it's area 1d10 +5 hitpoints once per day.
  Wists are old male fairies. They have lived close to a thousand 
years and are the equivalent of a 12th level mage with spells. They 
carry walking sticks instead of wands and have all the same abilities
as a fairy except that there aura is the equivalent of the heal spell.
  There is, maybe 1 Wist to every 500 Fairies. There apporximately only
3000 fairies.