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You have read the history of about  how Hyrule was freed from the evil Sorcerer and his minions,but there is so much more to the history of Hyrule. Here is a time line starting from creation and going through all the ages to the present, the Age of Heroes.



  The year of creation, Tyrin and Belya create Hyrule and all it's denziens. No evil walks the world.(Age of Lore). Towns and small provinces formed. No artifacts or archeoligical finds from this time period.

  Jyem the trickster steals Tyrin's gem. Evil is unleashed upon the continent of Hyrule. Hell gates begin to open, Grandjer appears and Hyrule is over thrown in a week. Slaves already begin to build Grandjers labyrinth.(Age of  the lost freedom). Druids escape only to be hunted for. They flee far south and begin to build the castle of Paravon.

The great escape. Many thousands of slaves escape to the forest of Arbon. Most thanks goes to the druids and to Toryn the noble. Few houses have been uncovered from this time, still little is known.(Age of lost freedom continues)

War breaks out. Betrayal of the secret trust. The gods begin to war with each other, using the races as there pawns. The magic of Arbon is broken. Before war breaks out brave adventurers are sent to the nine hells to  retreive a magic hammer.  The races fight the gods! United they save them selves, and war with the demons and Grandjer.

The adventurers return and Grandjer is beaten, the great catyclysim happens because of grandjers defeat. Such a tremendous defeat will shake the planet. Mostt of Southern Hyrule is broken off to form the island chain of Lateravia . The labyrinth disappears, some think Grandjer survives. Peace returns to the land but this year is always remebered as the Great Catyclism. The gods have forsaken them.

Races begin to divide the High elves and humans unite, the wild elves return to Arbon. Wars break out  within the wild elves themselves. Dwarves leave everybodies troubles and travel north. Plague begins to sweep the land.

The gods return and the 9 eternals are given dominance over the planet while the gods rarely intervene. The gnomes are blamed for the plague and thousands are slaughtered.  The immortals save them but one gets worshiped more than the rest. Small feuds begin between the immortals, liches are first created and undeath discovered due to the immortals  folly.  One of the great liches takes residence in one of the twin spires. From here he tries to grow in power figthing the northeners and accepting those who will follow his evil. This way he became powerful.

By now the nine great liches have formed and they begin to battle each other. Each belives that thee crystal each one hs is part of a potent magical item.  Some great sages belive that this is only a lie and that the immortals gave them the crystals to keep them busy. Though if one could convince them it wasn't true.....

Two of the six hell gates are opened. Creatures roam the world. The age of Heros begins. Here is where adventure takes place.

2000 BF     



BF-Before Freedom





AF-After Freedom