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Special Powers:
    Once in 6th months it can cast tornado of fire (See spell in new spell
    Twice a week it can cause heatmetal on who ever is hit by it. (As a 5th
    level cleric) 
    Lastly it can set itself on fire, draining the energy of its owner. For      every hitpoint drained it adds this on to the damage. If you miss the energy is used up. A saving throw must be made(-2) or all your hp are drained leaving you alive but unconscious.

The Staff of Osiris
The staff stands a little over 4 and a half feet. It is made of a heavy wood of what kind you can not tell. On top of it is a ruby carved perfectly and embedded in the top. You can not remove it. Runes are carved all over, and tell a story.......
  Before the freedom of the races there was a handful of free elves and men known as Druids. Ancient tomes reveal that a long time ago magic was all the same and the druids controlled it. The two began to grow apart as soon as Tyrin's gem was stolen.
  A wise druid by the name Diephro'taru saw what was happening and knowing soon that much knowledge would be lost from the world of man he created the Axon. Axon is a large book filled with ancient knowledge only one question per person can be asked but no matter the question it would be answered.
  It is written in legends and myths that the book resides in Diadim a plane that is only connected to Hyrule and no other plane. It is the birth place of magic, it is where magic dies, and where magic grows. The plane is much like Hyrule, except it is an island, those with true sight see the waxing and waning of magic, and the shear power of all magic. Beware all the sights and images of this plane can drive men mad.
  Unique creatures thrive here, ones you will find no where else. Somewhere on this plane the book lies only with the staff of Osiris can it be retrieved. The staff stands 4 and a half feet tall. It is wooden and has bronze bands  on the bottom and middle. The top is a long ruby which is approx. 6 inches long. Strange ruins are engraved all over it and it takes a
month or more for some one with ancient languages to decipher it.
If found the staff will have 1d20+10 charges. It can only be recharged on a full moon, on an equinox. A specific dance must be danced and it must be left in the ground for 24hrs. Grow, Bless, Prayer, and Sanctuary must be casted on it. It must also be watered;first when it is put in the ground, 12 hrs, then 24 hrs before you take it out.
    All powers with a star only work in Diadim. All powers at 12th level
Innate Powers:
    2)Blaze(See new spells)
    3)Ultimate peace- Victim becomes extremly peacefull, all fear is removed      and the victim can not attack or defend for 1d10 rounds.
    *4)Controled growth: This allows the caster to make something grow            extremely large andshape it to his will. ex: A bridge.
Charged powers:
  1 charge, Magic Resistance: 60% 1d6 rounds
  1 charge, Sleep
*8 charge, Levitate 800lbs
  2 charges, FlameBolt 2d4+8
  2 charges, Detect invisibility
*3 charges, Invisibility
*1 charge,  Knock
*2 charges, Magic Rope

Ring of Masterfull Illusion
  This ring isn't an ancient artifact or the such, infact a few of them exist. Mages will pay alot for a true ring. The ring is thought to be created by the guild of Jyem. Thieves dedicated to Jyem the god of trickery. The true origins are not known and many think nothing of it. The ring is ornate gold and silver intricate ruins are carved around it. The command word is usually Jyem. The power of the ring is to produce illusions, it can also work the other way. If an illusion is present and the ring is used the illusion
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