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will be dispelled as long as the mage was not above 10th level. Otherwise the ring produces a random illusion. Usually good for a diversion. The ring may be used but twice a week. When used roll a 1d10:
1  Illusionary fireball 3d6 illusionary damage.
2  A wall which fits the surroundings.
3  The wearer becomes invisible.
4  A large serpent which will attack any advesary to the bearer of the ring.
5  Same as number 2
6  The odor of garlic or death will fill the room. 50% chance of either.
7  Illusionary trapdoor appears 5 feet in front of the wearer. 1d10  illusionary damage.
8  Swarm of bats moves towards the nearest exit in site.
9  Dancing lights for 3 rounds
10  Fiery fire on 6 people

Members of the guild may modify this up or down 1.

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