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The gods of magic, the two alone are well a little absent minded , it's amazing the two ever get anything done! I have them here as a greater god but alon they are consisdered lesser dieties.
    The two are always together and they travel around the planes righting wrongs and saving beatiful princesses. They will often enlist the aid of fellow mages and usually try to steal the credit from them. Though if you have made friends with them they will certainly be valuable allies.  The two appear as older men and Thiz wears a large pointy hat and carries the wand of magic. From this wand all the energy of magic is stored. He has a long white beard and a robe of stars that looks as if you really were looking into the night sky.
    The other Gum is shorter and wears a silverish chain armor and a large deep blue robe. His hair is red and he always has with him the book of spells. These harness the magic energy of the wand of magic. Making the two equals.
    The duo have no avatar since they themselves are extremely involved with the world. There clerics have the ability to cast any mage spell up to second level instead of instead of a priest spell. It goes like this all the clerics must spend extra time studying and therefore need more expierience (450 more till 4th level which it returns to normal) also they must have the spell in there spell book and have learned it.       
      Then instead of studying them they can cast them as many times as  they can clerical 1st and 2nd level spells. You must understand that  clerics don't need to study and learn spells they gain them upon prayer which they must do for at least an hour a day, so if the spell is accesable to the diety the cleric can use it.
    Only weapons allowable to wizards are allowed.

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