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Tyrin the just , greater diety of Creation and Justice

Tyrin the just. He created all the races and more he is a god of battle
but more so only battle that brings justice in the end. Tyrin walks in mortal form hardly ever though if he does the world is in dire trouble and he is going to train a hero. The clerics of Tyrin gain the power to know alignment after 2nd(so 3rd level they get it) the steadfast warrior clerics of Tyrin dwindle though all that he has created gives him power so destruction is his main enemy not the loss of followers. Tyrin is also known as the patron of  Paladins. Tyrin is the king of  the gods and as the king he is the most respected.
  The most famed act of Tyrin is the battle of Twin spires, two mountains that are higher than mount everest. Here a force of almost 5,000 loyal  followers gathered and prepared for battle against Demorea one of the nine great Liches rather then it was the 10 great liches!
  The rouges and undead of Demora's army fought well but Tyrin's army better. Almost in the middle of the battle the air chilled and the sky  blackened before becoming a bright red, in the mists that followed a demon emerged, his size dwarfed an ancient dragon some call it a Tarrasque but others knew it was not a creature of fairtales but it was one of the nine rulersof hell.
    Alsmost imediatly they bagan to panic, then suddenly a lone warrior made his way through the ranks and with a slender handled warhammer. When he reached the fiend he challenged it. The hammer was a shimering blue and upon it's top there was a large silver head. The battle lasted long and it looked as if it could go any way. As if an eternity passed the battle ended. Though the demon was defeated it was not  destroyed. As the warrior came so he  left in mystery. Some think it was Tyrin no one will ever know.

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