World Of Alloryia

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 Welcome to the World of Alloryia. For the last few Centuries the world was at peace. After struggling for so long against the forces of evil the denizens of Alloryia were at last free. Recently on the continent of Hyrule one of the hell gates reopened creatures from the abyss walk the land and worst. The undead rise and the icy grip of evile begins to cover the land. What's worse is the people are divided. There's wars within the empires of the Humans, elves and Dwarves. Evil creatures stalk the land killing the innocent. The land is in turmoil, who can save them?
It is up to you to take up your sword and shield in the name of justice and save the people of Hyrule.
   This setting is made for use in the AD&D system but it could modified to fit any other system. Click on the links below to navigate this site:
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