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        Magical items         
  Artifacts  of  Hyrule

The song of steel pounded upon, rings in your ears.At last with a satisfactory
sigh you see a sword, the Dwarven smith smiles as he sees it's workmanship a
wonderous sword.
  That sword passed between the hands of hundreds of men.No one knew who made
the sword and the maker never knew how important it would be. This sword is
an artifact and here among these pages I will tell of the history of the artifacts of Hyrule.


  Soulfire, the name itself brings images to your mind, perhaps the burning
desires of the soul to do something or even the unquenchable flames of hell.
In 110 during the war named Wyhelin which in elven translates to Battle of
ourself. The battle was between 2 of the most prominent elven houses, the
house of Sacran and the house of Cyszen. The outcome of the war was the
Drow and the Wild elves also known as the Light elves.
The sword was forged of an elven smith. He was but an apprentice and this but his 5th sword of his forging. The metal went in black and when removed it
gleamed red and silver. The elven gods favored this boy and upon finishing
it he was inspired to set out and find magical gems. They are known as the soul gems. He found but two of the 6. A piece of his soul was lost to the sword and this happened to each owner after him. The sword was given to a general of the elven army and with this mystical and wonderous sword the war ended, with the house of Cyszen retreating to the depths of the earth.
After that the sword passed on to other warlords and thieves, and which
each passing the sword grew stronger. Eventually the sword fell into the
hands of a wise Prince who buried it with him. It is rumured that the sword
resides in the stronghold of a necromancer....

The powers of Soulfire are revealed in dreams of battle that come after
every battle that soulfire was used in. Soulfire when found will be in a
case of a rusted metal, upon opening the inside is padded with satin and
a sheath sword lies inside. The hilt is mithril and a red and green gem
is embedded upon each side of the hilt. The blade is an unkown enchanted metal
which glows a light red and is bluishish in the middle.

Powers of Soulfire:
    Turns undead as a 3rd level cleric.
    Glows brighter when a creature with a *soul* approaches.
    The bearer of the sword is as if he is always under the spell protection  from cold.
    It is a +2 long sword.
    In battle it heals the bearer the base damage divide in half rounded up.
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